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Yaesu FT-991 HF/50 and 144/430

The FT-991 Transceiver is capable of operating SSB, CW , AM, FM Packet and System Fusion C4FM Digital.

The FT-991 is designed for the most competitive operating situations, with a suite of new features to enhance the experience. Whether you primarily operate at home, mobile or in the field, the FT-991 will provide outstanding fundamental performance and an inviting expansion into a full featured base station.

The FT-991 provides solid transmitter performance with up to 100 Watts on HF/50MHz and 50 Watts on 144/430 MHz. Recognizing an all-important Amateur Radio Golden Rule - “You cannot work them if you cannot hear them”– the FT 991 features a rugged state-of-the-art highly balanced receiver circuit configuration. The highspeed floating point DSP chip TMS320C6746 (3000 MIPS / 2250 MFLOPS) from Texas Instruments used in the receiver design guarantees excellent interference rejection with actual signals under real-world conditions, not only on HF but also in the VHF and UHF bands.

The 1st IF frequency is protected by selectable robust 3 kHz and 15 kHz roofing filters that effectively attenuate interfering signals. The triple conversion circuit structure allows highly flexible gain distribution at each stage. This proven receive design architecture enables elimination of unwanted signals through filters at each stage as well as optimized gain distribution.

A built-in 3.5-in TFT full color touch screen high resolution display with loads of information provides stress-free operability and visibility for the FT-991 user.
Advanced Spectrum Scope with ASC (Automatic Spectrum-Scope Control) located just below the LCD display gives the operator all the information for comfortable QSO on the DXing scene.

The new FT-991 also has Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function that instantly recognizes digital mode or FM analog mode and enables mutual communication.

Radio Features:
- 160 Meters through 70 Centimeters - SSB/CW/FM/C4FM Digital/AM
- 100 Watts (2 Meter / 70 Centimeter: 50 Watts) of Solid Performance
- 3.5 inch TFT Full-Color Touch Panel Operation For Superior Operability and Visibility
- High Speed Spectrum Scope with ASC (Automatic Spectrum-Scope Control) built-in
- AMS, and Group Monitor fully utilize the potential of C4FM Digital *
- Triple Conversion Circuit (SSB/CW/AM)
- Double Conversion (FM/C4FM) Configuration, 1st IF is set at 69.450 MHz
- Roofing Filters 3 kHz and 15 kHz as standard equipment
- IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT provides great QRM Rejection
- CONTOUR, DNR, IF Notch and APF (Audio Peak Filter, CW only)
- 160 - 6 Meters High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner included
- High Accuracy TCXO ±0.5 ppm
- Built-in Electronic Keyer
- CW Message Memory with Beacon Mode
- CW Pitch / Sidetone Control
- Automatic Repeater Shift
- USB Connector (CAT control, Audio interface, PTT/SHIFT control)
- Two Antenna Connectors (HF/50MHz, 144/430MHz)
- Optional FC-40 Automatic Antenna Tuner (for long wire antenna) available
- Optional ATAS-120A Active Tuning Antenna available
* Data FR mode (high speed data communication mode) is not supported
therefore image send/receive by C4FM is not possible.
Supplied Accessories:
Hand Microphone (MH-31A8J)
DC Power Cord
Spare Fuse (25A)
Operating Manual
Warranty Card

Frequency Ranges: RX 30 kHz - 56 MHz, 118 MHz - 164 MHz, 420 MHz - 470 MHz (specified performance, amateur bands only)
TX 1.8 MHz - 54 MHz, 144 MHz - 148 MHz, 430 MHz - 450 MHz (amateur bands only)
Circuit Type: Triple-Conversion Superheterodyne: SSB/CW/AM
Double-Conversion Superheterodyne: FM/C4FM
Modulation Type: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(LSB, USB), F7W(C4FM), F3E(FM),
Power Output: SSB/CW/FM AM Carrier
160- 6 Meters: 100 W 25 W
2 Meters/70 Centimeters: 50 W 12.5 W
Case Size(W x H x D): 9.0" x 3.2" x 9.3" (w/o knob and connector)
Weight: 9.5 lb

 RX Range: 30 kHz – 56 MHz, 118 MHz – 164 MHz, 420 MHz – 470 MHz

Good Dx  de IK1XPK, Claudio.

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