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ICOM IC-7851 News

E' uscito il nuovo prodotto di punta ICOM sul sito giapponese: IC-7851. Non sembra essere un prodotto completamente nuovo - il pannello frontale è quasi identica alla IC-7800, ma presenze può essere fuorviante.

General specification
Frequency range
Reception frequency
30kHz ~ 60.000MHz (operating range)
(Warranty coverage)
100kHz ~ 29.999MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz
Transmit frequency
1.810MHz ~ 1.825MHz
1.9075MHz ~ 1.9125MHz
3.500MHz ~ 3.575MHz
3.599MHz ~ 3.612MHz
3.680MHz ~ 3.687MHz
3.702MHz ~ 3.716MHz
3.745MHz ~ 3.770MHz
3.791MHz ~ 3.805MHz
7.000MHz ~ 7.200MHz
10.100MHz ~ 10.150MHz
14.000MHz ~ 14.350MHz
18.068MHz ~ 18.168MHz
21.000MHz ~ 21.450MHz
24.890MHz ~ 24.990MHz
28.000MHz ~ 29.700MHz
50.000MHz ~ 54.000MHz
LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 / 63, AM, FM
The number of memory channels
101 (split memory 99ch + scan edge 2ch)
Antenna impedance
50Ω (unbalanced)
Antenna terminal
HF / 50MHz band for M type 4 system, BNC type 2 system for reception
Power-supply voltage
85 ~ 265V AC
Grounding scheme
Minus ground
Operating temperature limit
0 ~ + 50
Frequency stability
± 0.05ppm within (at the time of 0 ~ + 50 / 54MHz)
Frequency resolution
Minimum 1Hz
Power consumption
Receiving standby time of 120VA (TYP) 
Reception at the maximum 130VA (TYP) 
Send at the maximum 800VA
External dimensions 
(I except the projections)
About 425 (W) × 149 (H) × 435 (D) mm
About 23.5kg

Transmission unit
Transmission output
SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, PSK31 / 63: 5W ~ 200W 
AM: 5W ~ 50W
Modulation scheme
SSB: balanced modulation 
AM: low-power modulation 
FM: phase modulation
Spurious emission intensity
More than 60dB (HF band) 
70dB or more (50MHz band) 

Spurious area (I except the harmonic): 
More than 50dB (HF band) 
70dB or more (50MHz band) 

Out-of-band region: 
More than 40dB (HF band) 
More than 60dB (50MHz band)
Carrier suppression ratio
63dB or more
Unnecessary sideband suppression ratio
70dB or more
Microphone impedance
TX variable range
± 9.999kHz
Receiving part
Receiving scheme
Double superheterodyne system
Intermediate frequency
First: 64.455MHz (MAIN), 64.555MHz (SUB) 
Second: 36kHz
Receiver sensitivity (TYP)
SSB / CW / RTTY / PSK (BW = 2.4kHz) (when 10dB S / N) 
0.1MHz ~ 1.7999MHz: -6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON) 
1.8MHz ~ 29.990MHz: -16dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON) 
50MHz ~ 54MHz: -18dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON) 

AM (BW = 6kHz) (when 10dB S / N) 
0.1MHz ~ 1.7999MHz: + 16dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON) 
1.8MHz ~ 29.990MHz: + 6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON) 
50MHz ~ 54MHz: + 0dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON) 

FM (BW = 15kHz) (when 12dB SINAD) 
28MHz ~ 29.990MHz: -6dBμ (preamplifier 1: When ON) 
50MHz ~ 54MHz: -10dBμ (preamplifier 2: When ON)
Squelch sensitivity
SSB / CW / AM / RTTY / PSK: + 15dBμ below 
FM: 0dBμ below
Selectivity (TYP)
SSB (BW = 2.4kHz): 2.4kHz more / -3dB 3.6kHz or less / -60dB 
CW / RTTY / PSK (BW = 500Hz): 500Hz or more / -3dB 700Hz or less / -60dB 
AM (BW = 6kHz): 6.0kHz more / -3dB 15kHz or less / -60dB 
FM (BW = 15kHz): 12kHz or more / -6dB 20kHz or less / -60dB
Spurious interference ratio
70dB or more
Low-frequency output
More than 2.6W (8Ω load, when 10% distortion)
Low-frequency load impedance
RIT variable range
± 9.999kHz more
● rack mount handle 
● SD card 
● AC power cable 
● spare fuse 
● speaker plug other

Good Dx de IK1XPK, Claudio

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