sabato 17 ottobre 2015

Radio Northern Ireland

We've made a partnership with this fantastic shortwave broadcaster. 
This page is all things Radio Northern Ireland.
Welcome to Radio Northern Ireland!

Radio Northern Ireland is a shortwave station based in Northern Ireland 

which aims to provide a shortwave service from Northern Ireland. We’ve 

been heard as far as Russia and Ukraine. Our next step is to broadcast  in America!

How was Radio Northern Ireland formed?

Radio Northern Ireland was formed after the owner caught the bug of 

shortwave radio and decided to put Northern Ireland on the map once 

again for shortwave broadcasts.

Where can I find Radio Northern Ireland?
Radio Northern Ireland has expanded it's operations to North America. You can find Radio Northern Ireland on WBCQ every Saturday on 9330khz 2300UTC or 7pm Eastern time if you live on the East coast of America. 

Radio Northern Ireland is proud to be serving the shortwave community 

since summer 2015 and is planning many more up coming additions to 

its show with special features being planned.

If you have heard Radio Northern Ireland on the air via shortwave send a 

reception report to radionorthernireland@outlook.com for an eQSL or 

for a card QSL a donation can be made and this will be delivered by post.

Keep an eye out on this page for updates to come including our special 

features and news!



/73 de IK1XPK, Claudio.

venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

Radio MI AMIGO 3985 Khz News test !!

Autumn and winter is coming as conditions on 
Shortwave change.
Our daily broadcasts on 6005 kHz in the 49-meter band maybe harder to receive in the dark at nighttime. We are therefore testing the alternative frequency of 3985 kHz before we make a final decision to change our daily 19:00 - 20:00 CET 6005 kHz broadcasts to this new frequency
 This week only (19 - 23 October) we will broadcast on both 6005 and 3985 kHz to see which one of them works best. Please be so kind to help us by sending a reception report. Tell us where you are listening and which of the 2 frequencies you prefer.
At the end of the week we will pick one of the reception reports as a 'winner' who will receive a mini multiband radio as a reward. 

Use our contact form on the website of send your reports to:
Die deutsche Version des Newsletters findet Ihr hier:   http://radiomiamigointernational.com/deutsch/testtransmissions.html
Good DX IK1XPK, Claudio

giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

44° Meeting Alpe Adria

44° Meeting Alpe Adria
Domenica 18 Ottobre 2015

Villa Manin di Passariano, Salone trattoria Ca’ Dei Angeli
Piazza dei Dogi n°3 – Passariano (UD)


9,00 Saluto del Presidente IV3AOW ed apertura dei lavori.

9,20 Inizio delle relazioni
Angolo di “take-off” dell’ antenna
Come varia l’angolo di take-off di un’antenna HF in funzione dell’orografia del terreno.
di Roberto Turco IV3GKE

QSO via Aircraft Scatter
“Utilizzare” la riflessione sugli arerei in volo per fare QSO DX.
di Walter GermanoIW3SPI e Dino Fachin IV3FDO

Coffee break.

Sperimentazioni Digital-ATV
Vantaggi e “scoperte” dall’uso di questa nuova tecnologia di trasmissione digitale.
di Mauro Cok IV3WSJ e Alessandro Nicli IW3RMR

12.00 Consegna diplomi del 55° anniversario Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale
Alle stazioni IV3, IW3 ed operatori della stazione speciale
Premiazioni “Trofeo P.A.N”

Premiazioni classifica Italiana contest Alpe Adria V-UHF 2015
(le premiazione generali internazionale sono quest’ anno a cura dell’ Austria)

Seguirà la chiusura lavori ed il pranzo.

Si segnala, agli accompagnatori, la possibilità di visite alla Villa, alle sue mostre ed al parco.
Chi desiderasse fermarsi a pranzo trova, sul sito ariudine.it , i dettagli; ed è gradito, per motivi organizzativi, segnalare la propria presenza al pranzo via email.
Ed ancora per qualsiasi altra info, email sempre a: alpeadria@ariudine.it

SEZIONE DI UDINE SEDE: Via A. Diaz, 58 - 33100 UDINE
Tel. 0432/299304 - Fax 0432/1840213 – www.ariudine.it

'73 Claudio, IK1XPK.

domenica 11 ottobre 2015