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Operate RFSPACE SDRs anywhere in the world
on your Android tablet, Windows, Linux or Mac OS

The SDRanywhere application is an Android app that allows remote operation of an RFSPACE SDR-IQ or CloudSDR radio anywhere in the world. The demodulated audio and waterfall information is compressed and sent to the client application using a low bandwidth internet connection. The upcoming CloudSDR has a built in server and it connects directly into an ethernet jack or WIFI client. It can serve as a remote sensor node or remote RX point. The SDR-IQ requires a computer running the server app.

The server application for the SDR-IQ is part of the Windows RemoteSDRClient project inSourceforge. This client application is open source. The RemoteSDR download also includes a PC, Linux or Max OS client to connect to the SDR-IQ and CloudSDR radios.

Ham band 20 Mt.

The instructions for the RemoteSDRClient and server setup are available here:

The Android application is currently in beta and will expire on February 1, 2014. It is a .APK file for Android 4.0 and newer devices it can be downloaded here:

RFSPACE maintains a Web Server list showing the radios that are publicly available. Any user with the Android or PC clients is welcome to connect.

Yahoo grups

RFSpace web site

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