venerdì 8 maggio 2015

5Z0L by IDXT

The Italian DXpedition Team is pleased to announce its next DXpedition. Unlike some of its previous activities this trip is dedicated to a specific event: the recent authorization for the usage of 6 meter band in Republic of Kenya.
Using this frequency the team will dedicate its effort to a less time on HF compared to others recent activations.
The trip is planned for the 21st of May until the 31st  of May 2015 and the crew will use the call 5ZØL.

Special thanks to Ing. Enrico Li Perni IV3SBE-5Z4ES-6OØES-5ZØL
for the valuable help and assistance in the organization of this DXpedition   
5ZØL Direct: via I2YSB only
Important: 1 DXpedition ONLY per envelope, NO IRCs, NO stamps
 2 USDs for Europe + SAE 
 3 USDs outside of Europe + SAE 
 4 USDs VK-ZL Pacific Area + SAE 
 I2YSB address:
 Silvano Borsa
 Viale Capettini 1
 27036 Mortara (PV)

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