domenica 29 giugno 2014

VOA Radiogram - A.I.R e la Radio in Bottiglia

Associazione Italiana Radioascolto
                    VOA Radiogram

La Radio in Bottiglia

28 giugno 2014 17860 KHz 16:00 16:30 GMT
SINPO 55555

29 giugno 2014 15670 KHz 19:30-20:00 GMT 
SINPO 54554

Il testo trasmesso con l'immagine:

VOA Radiogram has many listeners in Italy, and many of these
Italian listeners are members of A.I.R., Associazione Italiana

The A.I.R. held its 32nd annual meeting on 9-10 May in Turin
(Torino). One of the activities at the meeting was the launch, in
the River Po, of a bottle containing a 10-milliwatt beacon
transmitting on 28325 kHz...

RX: ICOM 756 pro
ANT: Verticale HF 10-40 Mt  (10Mt)
Intref.: SB2000
PC: laptop Pentiunm II
Soft: FLDigi V.3.21.83

'73 de IK1XPK, Claudio.

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